Shoulder Injury? 5 Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Injury? 5 Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Injury? 5 Causes of Shoulder Pain
Shoulder Injury? 5 Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Injury? 5 Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain and injuries affect most adults at some point in their lifetime and can cause serious limits to occupational, recreational, or athletic activities. The shoulder may be affected by acute traumatic injuries or chronic overuse injuries. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, here are 5 reasons why you may be experiencing pain. 

5 common causes of shoulder pain include:


Excessive rubbing of the shoulder muscles against the top part of the shoulder blade is the primary cause of shoulder impingement. It is usually seen in patients who participate in physical activities that require repeated overhead arm movements. In some cases, a partial tear of the rotator cuff may cause impingement pain. Impingement could eventually lead to a more serious injury if left untreated. Medical care should be sought immediately if you suspect your pain stems from shoulder impingement.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder, also called adhesive capsulitis, is a condition in which you experience pain and stiffness in your shoulder. Symptoms appear slowly, worsen to a peak and then begin to heal. It usually takes one to three years for symptoms to resolve on their own. There are 3 stages of frozen shoulder – the freezing stage, the frozen stage, and the thawing stage. 


Instability occurs when the head of the upper arm bone is forced out of the shoulder socket and may be a result of a sudden injury like a fall or an accident. Once a shoulder has experienced a dislocation, it becomes susceptible to repeat episodes. When the shoulder begins to slip out of place regularly, it is called chronic shoulder instability. 

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Rotator Cuff 

Millions of Americans suffer from rotator cuff problems each year. The rotator cuff is made up of a group of tendons and muscles that surround and stabilize the shoulder joint. These tendons allow a wide range of movement of the shoulder joint. An injury or tear of these tendons can result in severe pain and may require rest or even surgery. 


Arthritis is inflammation in the joint. The most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis (OA) wears away the smooth cartilage in the joint over time causing your bones to rub against each other. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disorder and impacts the synovium that lubricates the joint so it can move easier. The amount of cartilage damage and synovial inflammation varies with the type and stage of arthritis. Pain early on is usually due to inflammation. In the later stages, most of the pain comes from the friction of raw bones rubbing on each other.

Shoulder pain is common and can affect people of all ages. Your shoulder pain can vary significantly determined by whether your injuries are from rotator cuff issues to arthritis. It is important to have your shoulder pain evaluated, Pushing through the pain and waiting to seek treatment can lead to further injury.

There is no need to suffer through shoulder pain. Make an appointment today to have your shoulder evaluated so that you can be free to work, play, and enjoy life.


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