Benefits of Treating Back Pain with Physical Therapy

Benefits of Treating Back Pain with Physical Therapy

Benefits of Treating Back Pain with Physical Therapy
Benefits of Treating Back Pain with Physical Therapy

Did you know that approximately 8% of adults in the US experience back pain?1 Treatment for back pain can vary depending on its severity, cause, and persistence. Finding the right treatment for you is vital to help alleviate your pain and regain full function in your back. Physical therapy is an excellent, conservative treatment option that has been proven to significantly help with all kinds of orthopedic issues, including back pain.

Physical therapy is not normally required for minor back injuries caused by poor posture or a slight sprain. However, physical therapy is often suggested for individuals who show signs of developing chronic back pain. Here are some of the major benefits of utilizing physical therapy to treat back pain:

  • Personalized Treatment
    Physical therapists are trained to measure posture, range of motion, strength, and flexibility, as well as account for age, body type, lifestyle, and pre-existing health conditions for each of their patients. This allows the therapist to construct a detailed and personalized recovery strategy that would work best for that individual. This level of personalized treatment is unmatched by other treatment options making you feel confident about achieving your physical therapy goals.
  • May eliminate the need for surgery
    Back pain does not typically indicate surgery but in some severe cases, it may be required. However, physical therapy is an alternative treatment option that should always be examined first, before surgery is considered. Oftentimes physical therapy is sufficient for treating back pain without an invasive procedure.
  • Reduces risk of future falls or injuries
    Physical therapy can significantly help reduce back pain and restore mobility as your posture, strength, balance, and flexibility improve. Furthermore, if there is a specific cause of your back pain, your therapist will help you identify this and suggest a better form to avoid further injury.
  • Long-lasting effects
    Throughout your time in physical therapy, your therapist will likely recommend multiple different stretches and exercises which target the origin of your pain. Learning more about the source of your pain and ways you can combat it yourself will help you to continue to feel pain relief even after your therapy ends.

Not all back pain will require physical therapy and in more severe cases, back pain may require surgical intervention. So make sure to discuss with your physician whether physical therapy is right for you. If you are suffering from back pain, contact Dr. Chandra at the Center for Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine for a consultation today!

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